A Panelist, Judge, and Instructor. OH MY!

So today is the complete definition of what I’d like to call “A Good Day!” I started my day off by being a panelist for North Carolina A&T State University’s Transfer & Graduate Open House. The panel was comprised of PhD and Masters student’s in various disciplines. We shared with prospective students our experiences, things to know, what to expect, etc. The panel concluded with the Graduate College giving us gifts 🙂

My next stop was to attend the Region 2 National Society of Black Engineers Conference. I had the pleasure of being a judge for the poster competition. I was truly inspired by the young bright minds of the future. I’m in awe of the research that is taking place within the various engineering fields. It is a privilege to be a judge that is able to support the learning as well as to encourage the young scholars.

My last event while at the conference was to be an Instructor for INTech Camp for Girls. I had soooooooo much fun! I was able to share with the young ladies my journey in STEM as well as teach them HTML. The young ladies were in high school and already have very impressive resumes. It was an honor to meet the next generation of computer scientists!

Below are a few videos and of pictures from the day!

#R2NSBE #INTechCamp #HTML #Coding #NSBE #R2NSBE #FUN


4 thoughts on “A Panelist, Judge, and Instructor. OH MY!

  1. This was indeed an amazing day. Not only for you but for those that were recipients of your knowledge and experience and the knowledge and experience of other. Grateful to see you sharing your enormous Gifts.

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