@Scale Conference

I tweeted earlier this year that I wanted to visit California before the year was over. Why? Well because I’ve never had the opportunity to go to California and it’s where many of the major tech companies headquarters are located. I attended the @Scale conference where I got to learn more about tech, meet other techies, and experience a new terrain. I’d call that a win-win 🙂 Facebook made this all possible for myself and many other students. I’m forever grateful to have such an opportunity provided.

So about the conference, I chose the machine learning track because it’s of immense interest to me. Machine learning is used for many things: classification, predictions, etc. Machine learning, in a nutshell, is essentially a computer that learns. This is the future people and oh so exciting. The other tracks were hot topics, data, and dev tools and ops. In addition for the Facebook scholars, there were sessions where myself and the other students had the opportunity to ask questions to Facebook representatives. I met so many people and even used the Lyft app for the first time while at the conference.

While also in the San Jose/ San Franciso area I had the opportunity to get a tour of the Menlo Park Facebook campus as well as the San Franciso area. I wasn’t able to take many photographs while at Facebook but here are a few photos from my short and brief trip to California. Just know jet lag is real but it was so worth it!

4 thoughts on “@Scale Conference

  1. I’m happy to hear that you were to go California and enjoyed your time there! Maybe one day I’ll go there myself.

    We should definitely talk about your interest in Machine Learning sometime. That’s a interest of mine as well as it applies to my research.

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